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South Dakota Deer Hunting

Along with the opportunity to hunt upland birds and waterfowl, Northern Plains Outfitters is your premier outfitter for South Dakota East River Trophy Whitetail hunts. Situated on over 25,000 acres of prime whitetail hunting land in Northeastern South Dakota, we continually have success in placing our clients on some of the biggest whitetails in the area.

Payment Option

We have a new Option for paying for your hunt.  We can set Clients up on a Monthly Recurring Credit Card Payment Plan where they can pay for their hunt monthly from now until October 1st.  By choosing this plan, the Client incurs less of an impact on their finances all at once and insures them a spot for the upcoming fall.

Place a Downpayment

For example, if you are a Deer Hunter and your total bill is $2,500, and you choose this payment option and contacted me as of April 1st, we would take your total owed and divide it into the total number of months between now and October 1st (full payment is required by October 1st).  You would be charged $357.14 on the first of every month with the final bill being on October 1st.  This monthly charge may vary depending upon when you book your hunt.  By choosing this plan, you would be paid in full prior to arrival.

South Dakota Whitetail Scouting Cam Gallery

Get ready for the Whitetail Deer Season! Throughout the South Dakota Whitetail hunting season, we can have up to 10 cameras out. Periodically will be updating the Scouting Cam gallery every 10 days, depending on what we see on the camera. To get a sneak peek at the whitetails here at Northern Plains Outfitters, check out the gallery.

Whitetail Scouting Camera

Whitetail Archery Hunts

All of our South Dakota Archery Deer Hunts are done under the rules of fair chase as there are no high fences. Our "All-Inclusive" Whitetail Hunts were created for the sole purpose of providing the hunter with a high quality hunting experience.  All of the Guides are Archery Hunters and know the habits and patterns of the deer and know what it takes to get you close enough for that shot of a lifetime.

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Mule Deer Hunts

We are offering 6 Archery Mule Deer Hunts in Northwestern South Dakota for the 2017 Season.  This is an Archery Only Hunt that consists of 6 Days of Hunting, 7 Nights of Lodging and includes Guides, Food, Field Transportation, Field Dressing, etc.  You will be hunting in Harding County.  The 10,000 acre ranch consists of gently rolling hills and prairies, wooded draws, and badlands.

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Combination Hunts

Looking to make the most of your pheasant hunt? Why not combine your South Dakota pheasant hunting adventure with a deer, waterfowl or even a bison hunt. We have combo hunts available here at Northern Plains Outfitters.

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Twin Lakes Taxidermy

Twin Lakes Taxidermy in Tulare, SD is our Taxidermist of choice when it comes to preserving the Bird, Buffalo, or Deer that you harvested at Northern Plains Outfitters. 

People always talk about how to save money by going to a person that does the mounts "on the side" and does a great job for less money which makes no sense in the grand scheme of things?  If you come to Northern Plains Outfitters and invest your hard earned money in a hunt and you harvest something that is a trophy to you, why put it in the hands of someone other than a Professional.  Mark is a full-time Taxidermist's and knows what it takes to bring your Trophy "Back To Life"! 

It is very important to have a local Taxidermist, who is well versed in all aspects of various animal species in their geographic area that you hunted.  Mark does all of the tanning in house so there is no need to send it to another tannery.  From Start to Finish, Mark will do it all.  For  more information, contact them at 605-460-1842.

Twin Lakes Taxidermy Pricing

  • Whitetail Shoulder Mount = $435
  • Pheasant Mount (Standing/Flying) = $220
  • Buffalo Shoulder Mount = $1,200
  • Tanning Price = $12 / sq. ft.  A typical Buffalo Cow squares out at 30 square feet so your cost would be $360

*Sales Tax of 4% Not Included in the above prices. Prices are subject to change, please check with the team at Northern Plains for the most current pricing on your trophy.

*Northern Plains Outfitters will deliver your Trophy to Twin Lakes Taxidermy in a timely manner following your Hunt.  All future correspondence will be between the Hunter and Mark at Twin Lakes Taxidermy.

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