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A Great Hunt Deserves a GREAT Dog!

About Bringing Your Dogs

If you have your own dog, you are more than welcome to bring them.  They must be obediant,
up to date on Vaccinations, and not be aggresive to other dogs. 

Let the Dogs Relax

Our kennel is sure to make your dog's time away from the field very relaxing after a hard days work.

About Our Dogs

Our Dogs: Our guided pheasant hunts and waterfowl hunts include our Professionally Trained Labrador Retrievers and a Springer Spaniel. You will truly enjoy watching these dogs work the fields. They have the desire and drive to hunt all day. They each hunt approximately 70 Days per Hunting Season and are well versed in every aspect of the game. They are all a true asset in the field!


Jade, a Yellow Lab, was with the operation since the beginning.  Unfortunately on June 13th, 2010 we had to put her down due to age and arthritis.  She was a true friend in the field and she will be missed.


Bo, a British Lab with the "Old Style" blocky head and stocky body, exemplifies the term DESIRE. This dog has more drive than any we have ever seen. He is a "Go All Day" retriever and even has a point or two in him.  He is now 7 years old and is truly a GREAT dog.  He has evolved into quite the pointing lab over the last couple years.


Gunner, an English Springer Spaniel, is the NOSE of the bunch. When all other dogs are done and through the field Gunner is still working the end and flushing birds that the others missed. The old saying goes, "Big things come in Little Packages" and Gunner holds true to this. He is truly a great hunter/retriever and will be spectacular for seasons to come.

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